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I’m going to talk about my life. I was born in 1993 in Capital Federal.
I have studied in Hamilton College for 7years. Since 2008 I have studied in San Marcelo School but before that, I had studied in Praga School.
When I finished the schoolI had to decide ¿what will I be when I’ ll grow?
So, in my mind there were a lot of ideas, one of them was that I wanted to bean accountant but the time was in charge of opening my mind so now, I am studding a career which I love it.
So, I decide study inAerocesna. It’s a school where teach aviation careers and I am studying to be a flight attendant because I love plains, I lovetravel and the most important thing is that I love visit new places.
So if I pass all the exams, I will get a license to work inany airline.
For me, work in LAN is a dream that I hope to do.
Also I want to learn other languages for example Portuguese orGerman.
About me, I have one brother and one sister and I have had a relationship with my boyfriend since 2008.
I really lovehim and I enjoy my life with him.
In the future I would like to be with him all my life and I would like have three beautychildren’s.
Also I would like to live un Spain all my life.
That’s all, I like how I live my live and I enjoy living it my way.
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