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Sushi (すし、寿司, 鮨, 鮓, 寿斗, 寿し, 壽司?) is a Japanese dish consisting of cooked vinegared rice which is commonly topped with other ingredients, such as fish or other seafood,[1] or put into rolls. Slicedraw fish by itself is called sashimi, as distinct from sushi. Sushi that is served rolled inside or around nori, dried and pressed sheets of seaweed, ismakizushi. Toppings stuffed into a small pouch offried tofu is inarizushi. A bowl of sushi rice with toppings scattered over it is called chirashizushi.
All sushi has a base of specially prepared rice, complemented with other ingredients.
NoriA sheet of nori.
The black seaweed wrappers used in makimono are called nori.
Toppings and fillings
Nori (海苔?) is the Japanese name for various edible seaweed species of the red alga Porphyraincluding most notably P. yezoensis and P. tenera, sometimes called laver.[1] Finished products are made by a shredding and rack-drying process that resembles papermaking. Japan, Korea, and China are thecurrent major producers of nori, with total production valued at up to US$2 billion per year.
Yaki Anago-Ippon-Nigiri (焼きアナゴ一本握り). A roasted and sweet sauced whole conger.
Main article: List of sushiand sashimi ingredients
For culinary, sanitary, and aesthetic reasons, fish eaten raw must be fresher and of higher quality than fish which is cooked.
Sushi is commonly eaten withcondiments. Sushi may be dipped in shōyu, soy sauce, and may be flavored with wasabi, a piquant paste made from the grated root of the Wasabia japonica plant. However, some consider the use of condimentswith sushi to be rude, as it implies that the chef's original preparation was inadequate.
The main ingredients of traditional Japanese sushi, raw fish and rice, are naturally low in fat, high inprotein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.There are many sushi and sashimi ingredients, some traditional and some contemporary.Soy sauce (also called soya sauce[1]) is a condiment produced by...
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