Técnicas de microfoneo

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Sound Advice on Microphone Techniques
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Condenser Microphones Moving-coil Ribbon Mics Pickup/Polar Patterns Mics

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Microphones: Our Primary Tools

The study of microphones is a lifelong quest. For our purposes, we must understand some basic principles, techniques and terminology in order to function in the recording industry. Each mic offers a creative tonal color for your audio palette. Whereas you might struggle to get the perfect sound using one specific mic, simplychanging to a different mic could yield excellent results. If you study the material in this book, you'll begin to understand microphones with a new creative, artistic and technical insight. The microphone is your primary tool in the chain from sound source to audio storage medium. There's much more to mic choice than finding a trusted manufacturer that you can stick with. There's much more to micplacement than simply putting the mic close to the sound source. The difference between mediocre audio
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recordings and exemplary audio recordings is quite often defined by the choice and placement of microphones. Using a mic to capture sound is not as simple as just selecting the best mic. Once the mic is selected there are two critically important factors involved in capturingsound using a microphone: • Where we place the mic in relation to the sound source • The acoustical environment in which we choose to record the sound source Although there are hundreds of different microphones available from a lot of manufacturers, they essentially all fit into three basic categories: condenser, movingcoil and ribbon. Condenser and moving-coil mics are the most common of thesethree, although all types of mics can be used creatively in recording as well as live situations.
Sound Advice on Microphone Techniques

Condenser Microphones
Condenser microphones are the most accurate. They respond to fast attacks and transients more precisely than other types, and they typically add the least amount of tonal coloration. The large vocal mics used in professional recording...
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