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UNIT 4: Compare customs in celebrations and holidays

Easter A Sunday in March or April For Christians, this is a religious holiday. It is also a daywhen many people buy chocolate eggs and bunnies and have Easter egg hunts outdoors.

Earth Day April 22 This is a day when people think about protecting the Earth. People give speeches about savingthe environment.

Day April 26 When secretaries come to work, their bosses give them cards and flowers.

Mother’s Day 2nd Sunday in May

People honor their mothers by giving themcards and gifts, and having a family gathering.

August 15 (CR)

Father’s Day 3er Sunday
in June People honor their fathers by giving them presents and cards.

Labor Day 1st Monday

May 1st. (CR) People honor workers and have picnics with relatives and friends.

This is a special day of the Costa Rican workers on may 1st.

Hanukkah First weeks of December Duringthis religious festival, Jewish families light candles and give each other gifts.


December 25 For Christians, this is a religious holiday. It is also a day when friends and familiesexchange gifts around a Christmas tree.
Halloween Some people use costumes and masks.

Independence’s day

September 15th

You can see parades on the streets and decorate houses with flags.Holy week
People eat canned food and make religious processions.

Guanacaste´s annexation
It conmemorates that Guanacaste decided to join Costa Rica

Columbus day
October 12th ItCommemorates the arrival of Columbus to our land on Oct 12th.

Saint Valentine’s day February 14th People send flowers and chocolates and love letters or cards
New year December 31st People godancing and enjoy fireworks at midnight

Juan Santa Maria´s day This is our national hero’s day, people burn the Casona and dress as soldiers.

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