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Biography of Maria Callas.

Ana Maria Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropoulou, better known by his stage name Maria Callas was born in New York December 2, 1923 and died in Paris on September 16, 1977
Maria Callas was an American soprano of Greek origin, considered the most eminent opera singer of the twentieth century. Capable of reviving the bel canto in his short but significant career.
She wasdaughter of Evangelia Dimitriadis and George Kalogeropoulos, a pair of Greek immigrants came to America in August 1923, setting his home in New York City. After the separation of his parents, Maria traveled to Greece in 1937 with his mother and sister, began his training at the National Conservatory of Athens and studied with soprano Maria Trivella, then bel canto with Elvira de Hidalgo, who formedthe romantic Italian bel canto tradition. Will debut in 1938 as Santuzza in unprofessional Cavalleria Rusticana in Athens.
The relationship between Mary and her mother was difficult. Maria's mother pressured her classes by asking teachers to inform him of all his advances, and on the other hand compared to her other daughter Maria, calling fat and homely and attractive only by his voice. Yearslater, Maria confessed to reporters that his mother supported only to have some financial support and that while he admired their strength and appreciated the support he had never felt loved by her.
Maria's debut was in E.U.A in February 1942, the National Lyric Theater of Athens, operetta Boccaccio. The first success would be in August 1942 with Tosca at the Opera House of Athens. Soon sangFidelio, Tiefland and Cavalleria rusticana, also in Athens.
His successes were few until the wanted to hear Edward Johnson, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera House and found work in 1946, but continued to practice with vigor to perfect his technique. Maria Callas was shown to have a very strong and decisive in his decisions, Rapid weight loss in half of his career, constantly changing as variedrepertoire and also personal problems are cited as possible causes of the deterioration of his voice.
Maria Callas made several operettas of which include "Carmen," "La Giaconda", "Casta Diva", among others.
its decline was because it was olding, and the directors of the operettas drew attention not older women, another factor was that Maia lost to the passage of the years the tone of his voiceand became less attractive to the works.

What was her real name?
Ana María Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropoulou.

Where was she born?
She born in New York December 2, 1923

who was Maria Callas?
She was a opera singer and Actress

Where arrive Maria Callas to E.u.A?
She arrived at August 1923

Why Maria returns back to Greek?
Because their parents divorced

were MariaCallas debuted first?
in 1938 as Santuzza in unprofessional Cavalleria Rusticana in Athens.

Where Maria Callas debuted as the star?
in E.U.A in February 1942, the National Lyric Theater of Athens, operetta Boccaccio.

Who was the man who discovered her voice?
His name was Edward Johnson, general manager of the Metropolitan

What were the songs of gold?
Carmen, La Gioconda, Casta DivaTAG QUESTIONS

Maria callas wasn´t Greek. Was she?
She wasn´t a singer?. Was she?
She wasn´t married. Was she?
She wasn´t successful? Was she?
She was born in March. Wasn´t she?
Maria Callas was very close with his mother. Wasn´t she?
The parents of Maria Callas always stay together. Wasn´t they?
Her parent was inmigrant. Wasn´t they?
She was´t her debut with the piece Tosca dePuccini. Was she?
Tullio Serafin wasn´t her musical teacher. Was he?
Maria wasn´t merried with Giovanni Meneghini. Was she?.
their marriage was 10 years. Wasn´t it?
She wasn´t working with tenor Giuseppe di Stefano tenor and baritone Tito Gobbi, she was?
Her real name was Ana Maria Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropoulou. Wasn´t she?
She did many papers theater. Didn´t she?
She was murderer by her...
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