Taking the stress out of stressful conversations

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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Taking the Stress Out of Stressful Conversations

Who hasn’t faced a situation where the words that are being spelled out have taken control over a conversation andfor more than you wish you have said something else or you could say something different it doesn´t work? You feel like your brain is not connected to your words and your body language.
Situationslike this happen everywhere, anytime from an informal conversation with a friend to a very formal meeting with your boss. Situations like this may be called stressful conversations. These conversationsare packed and full of surprises, they can cause anger, anxiety, confusion, pain, etc. There is no way that a stressful conversation lacks of any of these bad symptoms. However there are ways to workon stressful conversations and try to turn them into a not such unpleasant moment.
To start we need to know that each conversation or interaction between people will be always unique and no matter howsimilar to a previous experience a conversation can be, this will never be the same. According to Holly Weeks there are three basic stressful conversations that we most often are exposed to face inthe workplace. I have classified them like these: The delivery of bad news; the misinterpretation of the words and intentions; and the use of thwarting tactics.
Each one of this situations can developin a vast of ways and as I mentioned before it´s impossible to predict how where the conversation will lead. Nevertheless we can prepare ourselves to be aware of a stressful conversation.
Thisstarts by being prepared and the only way to do it is with practice. In other words, to get to be good by handling stressful conversations it is necessary to be involved in them. This means the next timeyou are about to have a stressful conversation you will be able to avoid what you did wrong in the previous one. It is necessary to acknowledge your own weaknesses to people and situations and...
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