Tang soo do

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Tang Soo Do is a martial art. It was created long time ago. With this martial art people learn how to respect, how to balance their lives with nature. It teaches not to fight, but to defend one self. Tang Soo Do helps people in many ways.
Exercising is very important. In Tang Soo Do people begin to develop great physical conditions. They have to go through tests and overcometheir limits to go to next levels. It teaches people to ask more of themselves instead of being mediocre. Some people even go beyond mental diseases or physical challenges just by being part of an academy, by practicing and feeling the necessity of getting better.
Tang Soo Do teaches respect. In class people have to be very respectful and organized in everything they do. The instructor alsoteaches them to behave the same way in their daily life. If they find out someone is fighting or using it incorrectly they can be expelled from the academy or suspended.
Tang Soo Do has lots of goals like unifying people, making them better, capable, and able to be calmed at difficult and dangerous situations. Tang Soo Do’s objective is to change people’s mind and don’t think it’s a boy`s sport.Tang Soo Do helps improve the behavior and helps the teaching of respect. Tang Soo Do`s objective is to defend yourself, not to create problems.
Maybe with this type of view in people’s minds there would not be that much crime, not that much violence in the world. If everybody respect each other and the environment as it should be there wouldn’t be that much deaths, and irresponsibility ofpeople in different cases. Just by admitting when they are wrong would make a huge change. Just by trying to get better each day, to go over your limits, to ask their bodies and minds for more; things would be very different with that type of thinking.
Not only with Tang Soo Do people will change completely, but it can be a huge part. Because its proven that people become more responsible andcareful about what they do. Kids learn how to behave with their parents, saying yes sir, no sir, doing what they are told without complaining and accepting punishments if they do wrong. Tang Soo Do forms their mind and helps them develop a sense to differ from what’s wrong and what’s right.

Tang Soo Do was discovered by Hwang Kee in year 1945 at Korea. At first, its name was Soo BahkKi, this martial art was forgotten. In order for it to become Korea’s traditional martial art Hwang Kee had to study it for years before he knew all the techniques and he could bring it up again. Soo Bahk Ki started in the time of the 3 kingdoms: Ko Ryo, Silla, and Baekye. Soo Bahk Ki was mainly practiced in the Ko Ryo Dinasty.
Tang Soo Do is the same as Tae Kwon Do. They have different namesbecause at some point of their history people thought the word Tang from Tang Soo Do related to the Chinese Tang Dynasty, and a lot of confusion started. Some people changed the name to Tae Kwon Do, but the true followers kept it the same. Tae Kwon Do is ruder and it doesn’t carry the necessary principles. The main principle of Tang Soo Do is Respect.
In class there has to be a correctbehavior. Tang Soo Do teaches fighting, open hand techniques, kicks, self defense, bong(see annex 1), and forms. These techniques get their names from the Korean language, Korean ancient families, and by animals.
Tang Soo Do also includes lots of exercise and this is important for health. For tests the practitioner must have a good condition to support it.
The belts in Tang Soo Do are white, orange,green, brown, red, blue, and black. Each of the belts has a gup that counts like another belt. When the practitioner gets to black belt there are more stages named Dans.(See annex 2)
Tang Soo Do in the World
The greatest belt in the world at this time is Jae Shul Shin(see annex 3), and he is also the one who brought Tang Soo Do to America. Tang Soo Do is now practiced worldwide. Some parts...
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