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Climate change, the greenhouse effect or global warming iscausing the melting of polar ice with an obvious presence in theArctic, where polar bears must swim ever greater distances to find food. Asthe Arctic ice edge moves increasingly farther north, ismore complex for these animals struggle for survival. Polar bearscan swim distances of 100 km in search of food, being goodswimmers, an exerciserepeated on such a scale placed in serious jeopardy of life to these snow-white arctic beings. Researchershave begun to find bears drowned near the northern coasts ofAlaska and they believe that sucha scenario may become an everyday thing if the average temperature continues to rise.Currently, around 20 000 polar bears in the Arctic and climate change has forced them to move much further north asthe line is changed to ice melt its edges. Polar bears live much of their time on the ice where they hunt for food, mainly seals. The hunting season is getting shorter every time the melt is moreintense andincreasingly thin ice in some extensions do not allow the bears to seek shelter and rest on a surface that resists the mass of theirheavy bodies.
Polar bears know nothing about global warmingbut the battle tosurvive being lost as a direct result of the irresponsibility of the manwho is destroying their own habitat!

PETA recently uncovered that an elephant traveling with the RinglingBros. circus, 42-year-old Karen, has tested positive for tuberculosis and was banned from the state of Tennessee earlier this year.
A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has documented the "high prevalence" of tuberculosis among captive elephants, a serious disease that is highly transmissible from elephants to humans.

Lota, an elephant who was rentedout to circuses, suffered with TB for years before the USDA finally took action that resulted in her being sent to the Elephant Sanctuary, where she spent the last months of her life getting some...
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