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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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some of you may have already been out in what people like to call the 'real' world. you may have already been out working and hustling for jobs. but some of you probably came here straight from highschool. and have been living in college and you're about to be launched into your first experience of a life without an imposed structure from the outside. you may have lived an entire life with astructure imposed by your parents or by a school or some kind of system. and you're entering a world with no solid rules and no course book, and no good and evil measuring stick given to you by somebodyelse. which is awesome, but it's also incredibly confusing. and i only have a couple of minutes to talk to you. and i thought for a long time about what i wanted to talk about.

when i graduated, iwent to wesleyan university. and when i graduated in 1998 after four very confusing years, our graduation speaker, the commencement speaker, i am not kidding, was oprah. and…i think she had a niece inmy graduating class. and i don't remember anything about what she talked about. i'm sure it was really awesome and inspiring, but i don't remember. and i thought, if i have five minutes to talk toyou guys, i want to give you one thing to take away that you would definitely remember.

so i am going to tell you today about something that my friends and i call 'the fraud police'. the fraud policeare this imaginary, terrifying force of experts and real grown-ups who don't exist and who come knocking on your door at 3am when you least expect it, saying "fraud police. we've been watching youand we have evidence that you have no idea what you are doing. and you stand accused of the crime of completely making shit up as you go along. you do not actually deserve your job and we're takingeverything away. and we're telling everybody." and people working in the arts, especially, have to combat the inner fraud police on a daily basis. and even if you are a very happy, healthy, confident...
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