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Whether you’re predicting product profitability or need to gauge the
• Simultaneous

effectiveness of a recent promotion, you need to visualize data across multiple dimensions—a problem that traditional tools such as spreadsheets cannot handle. Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer, an option for OracleEssbase, is a visualization tool that brings rich analysis and discovery to the business or novice user. An easy-tonavigate view of data across the enterprise enables you to identify trends, exceptions, and interdependencies critical to your organization’s performance.
Provide Faster Analysis and Keener Insights One consequence of the digital revolution has been a glut of information. Data sets arelarge and spread across many dimensions, so until recently only the most techsavvy users could wield the complex tools required to make sense of it all. Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer has transformed this landscape by providing an intuitive graphical visualization tool that lets line-of-business obtain deeper insight into the rich and disparate data at their fingertips.

multidimensional dataviews
• Intuitive graphical interface • Data export to Microsoft Excel • Shared views (which users

can save, publish, and e-mail)
• Encoded data sets (by shape,

color, and size)
• Selective search and retrieval • Drag-and-drop construction of

statistical models
• Dynamic calculations

• Visual navigation of large data

• Illumination of

multidimensional datarelationships
• Rapid identification of hard-to-

isolate performance issues
• Constantly updated graphic

• Context-appropriate data

• Minimal IT burden

Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer transforms data into insight.

A component of the Oracle business intelligence foundation, Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer works in conjunction with Oracle Essbase to letexperts and novices create queries, perform analyses, and discover exceptions and patterns in their data. This results in deeper insights that drive improvements in profitability, operations, strategy development, and regulatory compliance.


Gain At-a-Glance Insights Via an Easy-to-Use Interface Employing a colorful, visual paradigm, Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer’s drag-anddropgraphical environment makes it easy to navigate your organization’s essential data so that you can identify the factors driving your business as well as the outliers and anomalies that could be problem indicators. Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer renders the multidimensional data so that the full range of colors, shapes, patterns and sizes help the business user understand what is really happeningwith their business. Whether you need to analyze demographics to gain insight into customer behavior or compare attributes to evaluate product profitability, Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer provides the at-a-glance analysis you need to make sense of the cross-dimensional data and metrics that serve as key indicators of your enterprise’s performance. Provide Continuously Updated Visuals OracleEssbase Visual Explorer automatically determines the best format in which to display your data. Whether you require a simple bar graph or a sophisticated multibubble chart, Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer displays the appropriate visual for the data at hand, refreshing visualizations as you add dimensions and letting you identify the correct charts for your multidimensional analyses. The result is lesstime spent analyzing your information and more time spent reviewing the valuable insights you’ve gained. Leverage Investments in Existing Software Once you’ve used Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer to get a bird’s-eye view of your business data, you can place your visual representations into Microsoft Excel to format a report or drill down to underlying details in a data warehouse. Because Oracle...
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