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Chapter 1: The writer defines some key terms and
describes how codes are present throughout our lives.
Chapter 2: The writer provides examples of secret
messages at timesof war.
Chapter 3: In this chapter we get to learn secret messages
written by queens.
Chapter 4: This chapter presents examples of messages
that to this day haven’t been deciphered, or weredeciphered when it was too late, like the case of the
musical cipher. There’s even a case of a killer who wrote
his real name in a cipher which the police haven’t been
able to decipher.
Chapter5: There are different ways to hide messages:
inside drawings, in food, even on a person’s body.
Secret messages are still used nowadays. People can hide
information in a photograph and send itin an email. But
one problem will always exist: if people hide messages,
some others will look for ways to find them.
Chapter 6: There is information in this chapter about
how codes have beenused for good purposes. The writer
mentions the Braille system for the blind, Hobo signs
which helped men who went from place to place looking
for work and a system developed to help freeslaves.
He also describes how the Ku Klux Clan was destroyed
because its code became known to everybody.
Chapter 7: The writer presents the connection between
secret codes and puzzles in the world ofnovels and stories.
Chapter 8: This chapter explores different ways of
sending secret messages by means of such elements as fire
and smoke and other mechanical devices.
Chapter 9: The writerhere describes different languages
which are used to hide messages from others. Only those
sharing the code can understand the messages uttered.
Chapter 10: In this chapter we get to know how thebody
can communicate by means of body language and sign
Chapter 11: The author describes old languages which
had to be deciphered to be understood.
Chapter 12: Human nature shows...
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