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This test has three sections: A. Language in use (35 items), B. Vocabulary (15 items), C. Reading comprehension (10 items).

For each question you answer correctly in the three sections you gain one (1.0) point. Nomarks are deducted for wrong answers. Answer all the questions.

You cannot use dictionaries, textbooks of any kind, take notes, nor share information with the other candidates.

Do not write on this booklet. Indicate your choice of answer in every case on the separate answer sheet, which should show your name and date. Follow carefully the instructions about how to record your answers.


page 1

SECTION “A” (LANGUAGE IN USE) In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best complete each sentence. For each question, 1 to 35, indicate on your answer sheet the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question. 1. A: How old are you? a. I am twenty B: _____. b. I is twenty

c. I have twenty

d. You are twenty

2. _____ you want a slice of pizza? a.Does b. Do

c. Is

d. Are

3. A: Where is Francis from? B: _____ from Namibia. a. It is b. She is c. He is 4. She goes _____ school in Mexico City. a. at b. to 5. Darwin takes the dog for a walk _____ night. a. in b. at 6. We have dinner _____ seven o'clock. a. at b. to 7. A: Do you have a cell phone? a. I have b. I have do 8. A: How do you get to work? a. By bus b. In bus 9. Derek_____ inthe library this morning. a. is study b. studying

d. Her is

c. in

d. on

c. on

d. of

c. in B: Yes, _____. c. I do have B: _____. c. By the bus

d. on

d. I do

d. On bus

c. is studying

d. are studying

10. Harry and Terrence didn't stay late _____ they were very tired. a. for b. because c. so 11. Alex, _____ the windows please. It's too hot in here. a. opens b. open c.to open 12. My grandma _____ born in 1945 in Cuenca. a. had b. is

d. that

d. opening

c. was

d. did

13. I have only a _____ Christmas cards left to write. a. few b. fewer c. less 14. A: Do you like electronic music? a. Yes, I likes b. Yes, I like B: _____. c. Yes, I does

d. little

d. Yes, I do


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15. Mary _____ never late for work. a. am b. are 16. Thematch will begin _____ fifteen minutes. a. in b. on 17. I'm thirsty. _____ something to drink, please. a. I like b. I'd want

c. were

d. is

c. with

d. about

c. I'd like

d. I'm like

18. Sarah likes tomatoes, _____ she does not like pickles. a. so b. for c. but 19. A: Where is Gary? a. is stand B: He _____ over there. b. is standing c. stand

d. or

d. standing

20. Who is_____, Laura or Lyn? a. tallest b. tall

c. taller

d. the tallest

21. Let's go somewhere else. There's _____ noise in this room. a. to many b. too much c. enough 22. What about _____ for a walk? a. to go b. I going 23. A Jaguar is _____ than a Fiat. a. more expensive b. too expensive 24. This is _____ movie. a. a very boring

d. too

c. going

d. go

c. much expensive d. expensiveb. very an boring

c. very boring

d. boring

25. Jessica stays at home _____ the morning. a. at b. to

c. in

d. on

26. They've lived in that house _____ they were children. a. for b. since c. to 27. She's never _____ to Nigeria. a. gone b. was

d. until

c. went

d. been

28. It's a very long day for Jack. He doesn't get home from work _____ 8 p.m. a. for b. since c. tod. until 29. He's learning _____ a taxi. a. to drive b. driving

c. drive

d. the driving

30. We went to China _____ two weeks last summer. a. for b. since c. before

d. after

31. Brenda usually _____ at home but today she _____ lunch in a restaurant. a. is eating / has b. is eating / is having c. eats / is having d. eats / has


page 3

32. Ian works _____ weekends....
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