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Look for the answer of these questions while you read the book. They will help you to understand the story. Ask your teacher for help if you need it.
Chapter 1

What message did JerryCruncher give to Mr. Lorry on his way to Paris?
What story did Mr. Lorry tell Miss Manette about her family when they met the first time at a hotel in Dover?
Why was MissManette’s dad in prison and for how long?

Chapter 2

What did a part of Paris called Saint Antoine look like?
How do you know Dr. Manette did not recognize Mr. Lorry?3.
Describe the moment when Lucie and her father saw each other again.
How did he realize Lucie was her daughter?

Chapter 3

What did Tellson’s Bank and itsworkers look like?
What was the trial about?
What did Carton do as Stryver’s assistant?
What did Dr. Manette look like 5 years after Defarge’s wine-shop?5.
Why was Carton drinking? Why was his life unhappy?

Chapter 4

What was the reaction of the Marquis of Evrèmonde after killing a child?
Why was a man looking atthe Marquis’ coach in a very strange way on the road outside the village?
What did Charles Darnay think about his own family and the way they behaved with people?
Whathappened in the castle early in the morning?

Chapter 5
1. Darnay tells Dr. Manette that he loves his daughter Lucie. What does Darnay promise to do in the case Lucie agrees to marry him?
2. Whichsecret does Lucie promise Mr Carton to keep?
3. How does Dr. Manette behave while Darnay and Lucie are away on their honeymoon?
Chapter 6
1. What is the Defarges’s list about?
2. What happenedthe 14th of July 1789?
3. What happens to the Marquis’s castle?
Chapter 7
1. How was the situation in France by 1792?
2. Darnay receives a letter from Monsieur Gabelle. What does the letter...
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