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Description of the technology:
Discman: was the product name given to Sony's first portable CD player, the D-50, which was the first on the market in 1984[1], and adopted for Sony's entire portableCD player line. In Japan, all Discman products are referred to as "CD Walkman" and the name was adopted worldwide in 2000 along with a redesigned "Walkman" logo.
Prior to release
Prior to thedevelopment of the CD, cassette tapes were the dominant form of audio storage in regards to the then-fledgling portable audio industry. In 1979, Sony had revolutionized the way in which music could beenjoyed with the introduction of the first portable music player, the Walkman. With this portable unit, music was able to accompany a person anywhere they went. Gone were the restrictions of a stationaryplayer. The Walkman became part of culture and even part of fashion. As Sony began to realize the potential of the CD, Executives pushed for a means to give the CD player market momentum, moving itfrom audio enthusiasts to the mainstream.
The release of the D-50 sparked public interest in CDs as an audio format and in the audio industry in general. A portable CD market was created and theprice of competing CD players from other manufacturers dropped. The CD industry experienced sudden growth with the number of CD titles available dramatically increasing.
While CDs stillremain a very popular audio medium, portable CD players have seen competition from other forms of portable audio storage. MiniDisc players, flash memory players and audio devices with their own internalstorage, offer listeners alternatives to portable CD players. However, the ability to read MP3 CDs has allowed CD players to continue to compete against these alternatives, although CDs are bulkier.Description of an event especial:
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