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When we talk about actions that started and finished in the past, we use past simple tense.

Where were you born? Were you born in Argentina?
I was born inArgentina. No, I wasn’t. I was born in Córdoba.

In these examples we use verb to be in past simple, as we know the verb to be is the only verb doesn’t need an auxiliary to dointerrogative or negative sentences.

When we talk using different verbs we need an auxiliary, which helps us to do negative or interrogative sentences, this auxiliary is “did”.
When did you move to LosAngeles?
I moved here ten years ago. I didn’t speak English.
Did you take English classes in Agentina?
No, I didn’t. My aunt taught me at home.

We can see in these examples that we don’t change theway of our main verb in our sentences, this because we have the auxiliary which indicates us that we are talking in past tense.

Used to refers to something that you regularly did in thepas but don’t do anymore.

I used to be very messy, but know I’m very neat.
Did you use to collect things?
Yes, I used to collect comic books.
No, I didn’t use to collect anything, but now Icollect art.
What sport did you use to play?
I never used to play sports, but now I play tennis.

We use adverbs of quantity to express the quantity of something. The adverbsare using in two different ways and according the kind of noun.
With countable nouns we use: too many, fewer, more and aren’t enough
There are too many cars
There should be fewer cars.
We needmore subway lines.
There aren’t enough buses.

With uncountable nouns we use: too much, less, more, isn’t enough
There is too much traffic.
There should be less pollution
We need more publictransportation
There isn’t enough parking.

We ask indirect questions to get information more politely.
Wh-question with be indirect questions
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