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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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To be or not adult
  What dose it really means this, probably have forty or paternity is not very well defined, but this issue not only affects us as a generation is more like a universal doubtThe term adult refers to an organism, especially a human, who has left childhood and adolescence to reach their full development.
The full capacity of a person to make decisions and actaccordingly, be responsible for his actions brings responsibilities that a child can not be held liable in criminal proceedings
Silvia Di Segni put it this way: "Perhaps
all boils down to two very simple tosay and very difficult to achieve:
support the orphans and overcome infantile narcissism "
that means to Admit that no one takes care of you and recognize you are no longer the center of theuniverse, having you to exert to achieve things.

We always find good and bad of all, let me talk a little of each,
Being grown-up involve more responsibilities that no longer rely only on making yourbed, but to work daily, take care your children if you have them, to pay any kind of spending that you make

Also more maturity to make decisions lefting blameing our parents for these decisions,which can affect your family

, Be clear about the goals we want to achieve in life, maybe raise a family, finish your studies have projects among others,

 obligations also are higher, as keepingyour home clean, pay bills,

but this is not all bad, you have more freedom, you run your life, you can earn your money working and spending in what ever you what and no one can tall you anything ,you are able to decide for yourself what thing are the right and what thing you have to drop in the way
something must be clear been an adult dosent mean to not have fun or enjoy thing that you loveto do or , spend time with friends and stuff like that .

We do not have to choose between being or not, is something that comes and must be accepted with all things good and bad that this may...
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