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Urban cultures are a group of people with hobbies, clothing (fashion), likes, culture and usually some kind of affinity to certain music, they are groups where everyone belongs and lives for the sameculture.
They differ in agreement of their ideology. Generally they live in cities, they dress according to their group, they are similar to other members of the group.

They are called“emos” because they are very emotional.
They are people that with their style look like sad people.
They have persings, tattoos, they dress black clothes, they usually used:
*Shoes: convers orvans.
*Shirt with feminine stamps.
*Black jeans.
*Pink stars.
*Hair towards a side.
Some of them cut the skin to show that they are not happy with their lives. They listen to: hard core(vullet formy valentine), emo punck (grenn day), emocore, metalcore.

It’s a danced based on movements adapted to the pace of the music . They usually used:
*Tight jeans .
*Usually the clotheswith neon colors specially pink.
*They cut their hair in a futurist form.

They were dressing in black and white to say that they were pure of the soul and that the death waits for themfor every moment, there were making up the face, the eyes, the lips and the nails of black.
The dark is one of the alternative movements that has more relation with the fine arts, since it ispossible to find in:
*the literature
*the theatre
*the photography
*the music.
As for the literature there is mentioned that all the philosophers of the existentialism had trends dark, in hisexplanations it brings over of the existence and his emotional manifestations.
Generally the darks are followers to the literature, the dark colors as the black and the red one, enjoy much the beauty,but care, it is totally very different from the conception of traditional beauty.

They have the capacity to say a lot of times “you know”, they usually used:
*Smooth hair.
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