The 9s

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The 9'S seek to create a work environment in addition to being consistent with total quality, gives human beings the opportunity to be very effective, as it encompasses the improvement of mentalcondition of someone who adheres to this methodology.

1.- Seir (Order)

When we refer to class does not refer to accommodate, but to know order by classes, sizes, types, categories and evenfrequency, ie to adjust the available space (physical or process). The benefits of this action are many and varied areas as they are available (drawers, spaces, etc..), The person gets rid of obsolete itemsand stationery for more comfortable living space, eliminating waste and loss of time by not know where what is sought.

2. Seiton (Clean)

It means removing anything that is superfluous and has norelevance to the work we perform and organize it rationally, have a location for each object.

3. Seiso (neatness)

It means developing the habit of observing and thinking always in the order andcleanliness in the work area, machinery and tools we use.

4. Seiketsu (Personal Welfare O Balance)

Systematically Launching first three "S", offers the possibility of thinking that they can notbe isolated, but that efforts should be together, but to achieve this at work is also important that the person is in a state " ordered ", which means that there is a symbiosis between what is done andhow the person feels.

5. Shitsuke (Discipline)

This action represents perhaps the greatest effort is timely because of changing habits, discipline involves the attachment of establishedprocedures, to what is considered good, noble and honest, when a person is attached to the order and control their actions are turning to the wisdom, and intelligence in their behavior becomes a generator ofquality and trust. Continuity and follow-up to create a habit. Knowledge does not apply, does not work.

6. Shikari (Constancy)

Preserving the good habits is to pursue justice in this sense...
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