The beginning of my story

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Hi guys, new flesh coming in here, this is my fist time getting into a community of PUA, right now I made my mind, I will go hard in this, I know I will crash and burn a lot of times I don’t care, I have made crazier things in my life, so I will put a little bit of Info about myself and my goals, I think being here and posting my progress and getting along with all of you will keep me motivatedfor I do not intend to go back


I live in Central America, in a damn little country called El Salvador (I think is the smallest country in the world), I was raised by parents who in the beginning were overprotecting, then when I had like 13 years old my mom cheated my dad and war begun, they almost got divorced, but they decided to stay together “for the sake of the children” (my sisterand I), my father went nuts and raped my mother, I would have another brother or another sister but they aborted, then my father started his revenge by treating me like shit for more than 10 years just because I was the closest to my mother in the family, so that way she would feel bad, he stopped when he saw the progress I had as a boxer beating the shit up of my poor punching bag, and crackingall the wall of the room in which the platform was installed.
I found out about his revenge when I had 22, by that time I had gone through a lot of psico stages in my life, almost ended in an asylum if not were by my friends in high school which all had more screwed up cases and where all happy about life, they saved me, but at the same time, they buried me when it came to woman

They allteached me that because I was fat I had to come up to the girls with a lot of details and being the friend to escalate to boyfriend, and with my father always messing me with anything I started to believe that being fat was a big deal for getting woman

After all the crazy stuff we used to do in high school I stopped being the “emo” kid lamenting my life and victimizing myself, but startedenjoying life, doing all types of jackass stunts in my life just for fun, almost got killed like 15 times for it, but didn’t matter, life was short, I knew that, so I had to enjoy the little time I got here.
This type of attitude is what got me my first girlfriend, she was a catholic girl I met in the University, we lasted like for 4 months or so, I hated church, it was boring, In that time Ibelieved in god but had no interest for any religion, well, I tried to go for her, but it wasn’t my thing, after that she became mad at me because I wasn’t going anymore and we broke, I was fine with it
Second girl, a hottie, the face was not a big deal but she had this skinny body with a GREAT ass and tits, and her legs were also good, we tried, but she was madly in love with her ex boyfriend whoused to hit her and cheat on her with like 4 girls (that she was able to find out), in the end I didn’t liked the ballbusting with all the crap of her coming back and forth between us, so I send her flying, I lost my virginity with this girl
Third Girl, she was a 6 with damn great legs and boobs, that was what hooked me, in the beginning there was no attraction at all from neither one of us, but inthe end something happened, we began to be attracted at each other, but then I grew tired out of it and left her, after that I thought that I would never find a girl that was good enough in this country, I always wanted to go to live to Canada, Australia or Denmark, most people on this country are DAMN IGNORANT about almost EVERYTHING!, and most people here are damn close minded about everything,I was able to break trough that because I got to get along with a LOT of people from different countries, so I lost my hopes in the Salvadorian Women, I thought I would never meet a girl who is smart and does not have any prehistoric beliefs, to never pick up a girl until I went living to another country and meet a girl there.

Hit the bottom

5 years have passed after that, I graduated from...
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