The cultural missions

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The Cultural Missions
Emmanuel Gallegos Cervantes

Benemérita y Centenaria Escuela Normal del Estado
Borges Huerta Jonathan Enrique

With the educational labor being doneby all involved: the Ministry of Education, teachers and missionaries inspectors every village in rural schools began to think that all the teachers should have a better preparation for their work.For this reason it began to develop the idea of promoting the professionalism of teachers, missionaries founded schools with teams of teachers and professionals from different branches, calling themcultural missions whose purposes were initially:

* Cultural and professional improvement of teachers in service: all the teachers had to improve to face any situation and solve any problem thatcould be presented.
* Improving household practices: With the teacher’s help the people had more knowledge according with their needs.
* Economic improve of the community by teaching agricultureand small industries: one of the principal things that the teachers were teaching was the agriculture that helps to the people to obtain better economic support to have a better life.
*Capacitate the members of the community, alphabetize, give basic education, recreation and culture.


* Cultural missions were created in 1923, being Zacualtipán, Hidalgo took the firstexperimental, giving courses to teachers in communities and villagers.
* This first mission was working the following professors: Roberto Medellin, Rafael Ramirez, Isaiah Barcenas, Rafael Rangel,Fernando Galbiati, Alfredo Tamayo and Dr. Arnulfo Bravo, who for his work so successful were able to attract the attention of senior officials Department of Education not to stay there the project andthere were more schools or missions.
* In May 1924, taking advantage of a break from classes, organized and created the second experiment in Cuernavaca, Morelos, where he had already thought to...
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