The diary of a teenage girl

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  • Publicado : 20 de diciembre de 2010
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The Diary Of a Teenager Girl


Caitlin Renee, the main character, was not a trustful person, nor honest and she wasn’t either a good friend, but she was an interested person. She alwaysused to think what is better for herself. At first, she totally ignored Beanie, who had been her best friend for five years to hang out with the most popular people in the school. Then, Caitlin’s newbest friend was Jenny Lambert. Jenny had a boyfriend named Josh Miller and Caitlin started to like him. She got in between their relationship and expected him to leave Jenny and become her boyfriend.Jenny found out everything and Caitlin was left alone with no friends so she went back with her old best friend Beanie because there was no other better choice for her, which it is very selfish andegoist from her.


“Anyway, I was freaking that Beanie was going to say something really stupid about me talking with Jenny, so I tried to avoid making eye contact with her. But as soon as shesaw me she said hey just like usual and started coming my way, but then I just turned and looked away from her, pretending I didn’t even know her. I basically just ignored her!”


Itwas Caitlin’s first day hanging out with a popular girl, Jenny Lambert, and she really wanted her to have a very good impression of her. They were together at lunch time, but at that time Caitlin usedto be with her best friend Beanie. Beanie spotted Caitlin, she wanted to talk with her but Caitlin felt embarrassed of having a friend like Beanie and she didn’t want Jenny to change the perspectiveshe had of her nor to ruin her first impression, so Caitlin just ignored her best friend Beanie in order to have new popular friends and she become a popular girl in the school as well.

Quote“What a guy! Anyway, he dropped me at home, and now he’s all I can think about. And now I don’t even care if it would make Jenny totally hate me, if I had the chance to go out with Josh Miller I...
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