The dreams and other stories

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Teacher’s notes


The Dream and Other Stories
Daphne du Maurier and Others Hilary’s Aunt
Hilary is a young man who has spent all his family’s fortune. He wants to inherit his aunt’s money. She’s dying of a painful disease. He decides to give her double the amount of medicine to kill her before she can change her will. What hedoesn’t know is that as she hasn’t changed it, all her money will go to Chinese people.

The Birds
There’s a bird invasion all over the country. For some unknown reason, the birds attack when the tide comes in. It is impossible to stop them. Nat takes shelter in his house, and he and his family survive for two days, but he doesn’t know how long he can fight the birds.

The Dream
The writerdescribes a dream he has had and reflects on the connection between dreams and reality.

About the authors
Frank Tilsley is a little known writer today. Born in 1904, he began writing when he was in his mid-twenties. He also worked as a broadcaster. His time in the Air Force during the Second World War gave him new subject matter for his stories. The story in this collection is set in Franceafter the Second World War and deals with the grey area where dreams meet reality. D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930) was the first British novelist and short story writer from a genuinely working class background. He grew up with a coal miner father and teacher mother, with whom he had an intense and painful relationship. Despite ill-health, he travelled widely and wrote continuously during his life –novels, stories, essays, travel diaries. He wrote with a direct and fresh style about human relationships, and was often in trouble with the law for his graphic descriptions of sex. John Collier (1901–80) spent his early life as a poetry editor in England. He wrote many short stories about dark, frightening events and the supernatural. His most famous novel, His Monkey Wife (1930), is a strange storyabout an explorer who ‘marries’ a chimpanzee he has brought back from the wild. When he was 35, he moved to the United States where he became a scriptwriter. W. J. Lederer and E. Burdick were American writers who worked together on many stories. They travelled widely and saw for themselves the effect of rich western countries like America influencing poorer countries. The Americans in theirstories often treat the local people with contempt and don’t allow them to run their own economies. The story in this collection, however, offers a model for westerners wanting to introduce advances in technology
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The Blind Man
Maurice is blinded during the war and has a disfiguring facial scar. He is also depressed. Maurice and Isabel, his youngwife, have become socially isolated since his injury. Bertie, Isabel’s old friend, pays them a visit. The three of them enjoy dinner together. Afterwards, Maurice becomes restless and leaves the house. When Bertie goes out to check on him, he finds Maurice in the barn. The blind man asks Bertie to touch his useless eyes and awful scar. The experience is a revelation for both men. Mauriceunderstands the splendour of friendship while Bertie realises how much he fears intimacy.

It Happened Near a Lake
Mr Beaseley inherits a lot of money and decides to travel. His wife follows him to nag him. He meets a doctor who tells him about a monster in the Amazon River. They go there and Mrs Beaseley decides to leave them and go to a big city. She discovers the monster’s footprints and doesn’twant her husband to see them. While she’s approaching the edge of the river brushing off the footprints, the monster attacks her. Mr Beaseley returns to the city thinking his wife is already there.

The Ugly American and the Ugly Sarkhanese
Mr Atkins is an engineer who travels to Sarkhan to help them take water uphill to the terraces. He uses the resources there are in Sarkhan and gets the...
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