The economy

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  • Publicado : 4 de mayo de 2011
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The economy
In the school taught two basics definitions for economy, one of them is: The Greeks used this word to refer to the prudently management of theresources, and the other concept would be: is a science that studies the limited resources and the needs of people. It tries to resolve this need usingproperly the limited resources.
The problem is that the economy we know nowadays is not even close to one of these concepts, because of the fact that the words“prudently” and “properly” have been forgotten by the people who practice and work with this complex science, therefore the entire world is affected by this lackof prudently in the practice of the economy
Another dilemma is the part of “needs”, every day the market invents a new product or service, that the most ofthe time is really useless, but makes people think that is necessary and creates a new spending in their budgets. This is “the consumerism” that has createdthe economy, impulse by the ambition of men.
We are making are real huge damage to the nature and society, because we just buy, consume and throw, withoutthinking that maybe the clothes we are buying is made by hands of exploited workers in undeveloped countries, or the food we eat is 90% chemicals, either theproducts we use in the kitchen or other place in the house destroy the environment.
If we keep being like this, one of these days we’re going to run out of“resources”, because everything we have, even our clothes is thanks to the nature that is our only resource to create all the things we need to survive.