The effects of alcoholism in adolescents in today society

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The Effects of alcoholism in adolescents in today society

Dayana Bello

Trinity International University

November 15, 2011


It is important to analyze the effects that alcoholism causes in adolescents in today society, and not to try to deny the important of family’s roles between adolescents and the outside world. Also, societies have to recognize that ads with clearmessages that alcohol facilitates the world surrounding the adolescent. These are factors that marks the main reason why adolescents are expose to alcohol and the disease alcoholism. Adolescence is the beginning of a great change in which we begin to make our own decisions, inEs el principio de nuestra propia vida. to a group of social expectations, rules, beliefs, values. For this reason, that’swhy adolescence is needed all the guidance and care needed to make it pass this stage populated with many changes as pleasant as possible. Is it also imperative that adolescents received education on alcohol and alcoholism by their family and educators and not be expose in an addictive behavior such as drinking deliberately or for the purpose of making their role in society easier.Outline

I. Introduction.

A. The alcoholism in adolescents today is becoming an extremely apprehension in society.

B. The majority of adolescents has tasted alcoholic beverage once, although the frequency of its consumption varies with age, sex, religion, social class, the place of residence and the country of origin.II. Body

A. Age

2. Drinking under age

3. Education on substance use and abuse

5. School

6. Ethnicity

7. Demonstration of love

8. Skepticism

B. Social Environment1. Social environment

2. Country of origin

3. Place of residence

4. Country of orient

III. Conclusion

A. Emphasize the importance of the families as a regulatory factor in consumption and as a means of information.

B. Last but not least, weneed to stimulate debate among various political forces in the creation of various youth programs for control and prevention.

The effects of alcoholism in adolescents in today’s society


In this day and age, adolescents usually do not realize that their daily lives are strongly influenced by a culture where social drinking is widely accepted and encouraged. This trendtakes over many of them who are constantly waiting for the weekend to arrive to go out and drink with friends. The reality is that most teens underestimate the alcoholism and do not see it as a drug. The main reason that they do not consider alcohol as a drug is because of how easy it is to acquire it. Another contributing to the misconception is the powerful propaganda alcohol receives throughbillboards, television, and magazine ads...This has caused alcoholism to become an imminent social problem in almost all countries and across all ages, especially among youngsters. Alcohol is the most consumed drug used by young people today. Perhaps adolescents diminish the real consequences of drinking frequently and in high doses because they believe they are not alcoholics as long as they only drinksocially on the weekends. What they do not realize is that the ravages of alcohol can be severe and many of them irreparable. Alcoholism is chronic, progressive and fatal. Therefore, we must try to educate young people about the problems that they may face by consuming alcohol, even if they are not habitual drinkers. In addition, we should address this issue by educating our self’s by research...
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