The effects of caffeine

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2011
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Ramiro Espin

The Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine can have positive and negative effects on people of all ages. Although caffeine is widely used andan accepted part of our culture, the negative effects can dramatically hurt our health. On the flip side, caffeine in our society is celebrated with places like Starbucks and its way to brighten ourmood and keep us awake are just a few of the positive effects.
The most common negative effects of caffeine are: being chronically sleep deprived ,lack of appetite and headaches. Sleep deprivationis a reason for concern as doctors are getting worried about the increasing numbers of people using caffeine in a negative way. Teenagers as well as adults need at least nine hours of sleep insteadof getting the six that is common.
According to health research reports,adverse effects like nausea and rapid heartbeat are consequences that teens and adults risk from stimulant drugs. In mypersonal experience the combination of coffee and cigarretes caused me to have insommia.
On the positive side, researches have found that consuming six cups of coffee or more daily cut the risk of gettingtype 2 diabetes in half appears to reduce the risk of colon cancer,gallstones and liver cancer hmong other illnesses.
According to the article, Over The Limit, caffeine also contains antioxidants.Another study shows that those who drunk an average of two cups of coffee daily reduced the risk of suicide. The intake of caffeine in reasonable doses can be healthy for people of different ages asit reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease, helps to fight fatigue and brightens moods. In my case caffeine did not have either a positive or negative effect on me. When I drink coffe it is the sweetsugar that I enjoy and not the caffeine buzz.
As research and studies have shown caffeine has both negative and positive effect on people of all ages. Knowing how to enjoy...
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