The fruit cake special

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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2011
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That story was about a chemist woman who works in perfume company, to mix some mixtures together to discover new perfume. In one day she went to her work with peace offruitcake from her mother. In that day she was trying to discover new perfume, suddenly she put a little pit of the cake in one of the mixture that she work on. She didnot find any thing special in her new mixture, but when her boss saw her and smell her perfume, he start to say some nice things to her, and date her for dinner thatnight. She could not know what happened for her boss because he never talk to her let alone date her. When she back to her house to prepare for the date, there was her auntMimi that always talk to her about marriage. Her mother told Mimi about Armstrong a pizza deliver how he was love her daughter. She told her mother and her aunt aboutthe date that she has tonight. They surprised how the boss can date regular girl like her. when they were on the road to the restaurant the boss looked like he hadchanged his mined about her. She did not know what the secret. when she go with the boss she has used some perfume, but before they leaving the restaurant she go to restroomthen put some perfume from that perfume has fruitcake. When she was walk to the table she got all men attention, also the attention. then the boss girlfriend saw them anddid big problem. When she back to her house she knew that perfume has the secret. She asked her mom and aunt about the cake, her aunt told her that just an old womanbaked it, but that old woman pass away one week ago. in one day she surprised that Armstrong is delivering some pizza by his own company, and told her that he loves her.
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