The guru and what prabhupada said

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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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 "...[O]ur request is that if you want to decrease or completely finish all the problems of life, take to Krsna consciousness in the process of disciplic succession and you'll be all happy. Thank you very much." --Srila Prabhupada in a Lecture in London, 9/23/69

Krsna consciousness in disciplicsuccession. This is the key to solving all the problems of life.  All the problems..., including the ones facing our movement at present. Indeed, the reason we are having problems is that we have lost the understanding of what is the disciplic succession. Note that I am saying  lost , implying, obviously, that we had it. Collectively we had the correct understanding when the perfectrepresentative was personally present within our society making the disciplic succession a solid fact. We lost it when offenses and deviations polluted the system and turned the concept into almost a fantasy, something of the past that, to many, ended with Srila Prabhupada. Disciplic succession (lit.: a succession of disciples) necessitates that there be a worthy disciple to represent amongst the people theprevious acaryas and their teachings. This worthiness is described by Srila Prabhupada in the following words: "[...I]n all Vedic literatures it is mentioned about the disciplic succession. You have read in Srimad Bhagawatam, first canto, first chapter, where it is said that Brahma was inspired from within the heart by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Similarly, in the Katha Upanishad it is saidthat "in order to learn the transcendental science, one has to approach the Spiritual Master." THIS SPIRITUAL MASTER MEANS ONE WHO HAS HEARD CORRECTLY FROM HIS SPIRITUAL MASTER. In this way, ultimately it goes to Krishna, the Supreme Spiritual Master. There is no possibility of understanding the Vedic knowledge without this descending process." (Letter to Janaki, 2/28/69) "YOU HAVE RIGHTLYOBSERVED THAT I AM SIMPLY TRYING TO EXECUTE THE ORDER OF MY SPIRITUAL MASTER. [...]I am simply an instrument in the hands of my Spiritual Master. [...] THIS IS PARAMPARA SYSTEM. IF A STUDENT TRIES TO SATISFY HIS IMMEDIATE ACARYA OR THE SPIRITUAL MASTER, that is the only qualification for advancing in Krsna consciousness." (Letter to Paramananda, 6/17/70)

"One has to hear the message of Godhead fromthe lips of the pure devotee of the Lord or Acarya. The religion is originally spoken by Krsna Himself and THAT MESSAGE OR SCIENCE IS COMING DOWN DIRECTLY THROUGH THE CHAIN OF DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION AND ONE WHO IS IN THAT CHAIN IS CALLED ACARYA OR ONE WHO TEACHES BY HIS LIFE. Religion is practically presented by the bonafide spiritual master or acarya." (Letter to Krsna das, 10/6/70) "I beg to thankyou for your nice appreciation of our disciplic succession of Vaisnava Acaryas. THIS IS THE RIGHT UNDERSTANDING OF THE SPIRITUAL MASTERS, THAT THEY ARE GLORIOUS BY SIMPLY DELIVERING THE TRANSCENDENTAL MESSAGE OF KRSNA AS IT IS." (Letter to Jaya Pataka, 4/30/70) "Srila Vyasdeva therefore summarized the whole Vedic knowledge in the shape of Srimad Bhagavatam which is known as the ripened fruit ofthe desire tree known as Vedic knowledge. THE RIPENED FRUIT IS RECEIVED HAND TO HAND THROUGH DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION AND ANYONE WHO DOES THIS WORK IN DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION FROM SRILA VYASDEVA IS CONSIDERED AS REPRESENTATIVE OF VYASDEVA..." (Letter to Bali Mardan, 8/25/70) "Regarding our books, [...the] words are ambrosial because they are not my personal words, they are instructions of my predecessorsand I am just trying to administer them to my best knowledge. THAT IS THE WAY OF PARAMPARA SYSTEM. WE HAVE NOTHING TO MANUFACTURE, BUT SIMPLY CARRY THE MESSAGE AS A FAITHFUL PEON. That will be effective. One should be very sincere to his Spiritual Master and Krsna simultaneously. Then everything comes out successful. That is the verdict of the Vedas and Lord Caitanya." (Letter to Jayapataka,...
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