The holocaust

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Chapter 4:

Sir simon walk to camille’s bedroom but when he open the door and a pitcher with water fall down
The family are having dinner
Mr Otis: ¿whatis that sound?
Camille: (laughting) maybe our dear ghost have a surprise
Virginia: ¿what do you make to him now?
Camille: nothing important for you soshut up
Mrs Otris: please girls don’t discuss and keep silence

One night after sir simon decided to go to the library to see the spot of blood but when heenter to the bedroom feel that something star to shouting in his ears so he run to the stairs and watch Washington

Sir Simon: yours little kid bored me , Idon’t want to see your stupid family again all of you are mad.
Washington: ok, so bye

Some weeks later in a party organise by Mrs otis, the kids areplaying and Mr Otis are talking with his friend

Mr Stilton: Mrs otis the party is so funny , and you have a very nice kids
Mrs Otis: thank Mrs Thompson
MrStilton: And what happen with the ghost that leave in this house
Mrs Otis: We don’t see him again, my husband send today a letter to Lord Canterville explainigto him the situation, we ‘re so happy
Mr Stilton: oo thats great , well I have to go bye
Mrs Otis: bye

Next morning the family went to the playing bedromand found Mr Stilton lying in the soil.

Mr Stilton: (shouting) six doble , six doble
Mr Otis: Mr stilton what happen here?
MrStilton: six doble, sixdoble
Virgine: dad he scared me
Mr Otis: don’t be worry dear he would be fine
Virginia: I hope

Mr Otis Go out with Mrs Stilton and Sir simon saw the scene
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