The importance of green spaces in urban areas

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The Importance of Green Spaces in Urban Areas

Perth, Australia
8th December 2011

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
I. Abstract.
2. Cities Overview.
3. Health Benefits.4. Social and Cultural Benefits.
5. Conclusion.
6. Recommendations.
7. References.

1. Introduction
The aim of this report is to describe and analyse the importance and benefits ofgreen spaces in urban areas. Since the constant population growth and unplanned urban development of our cities have been the cause of environmental issues that, in a short-term will be reflected alsoin our health. It is based on researches made available by The United Nations, studies from the University of Sheffield in the UK and University of Illinois in the USA.

I. Abstract
Our citiesare facing a huge urban and environmental deterioration, as a result of strong economic, social and political activities. Therefore, the cities could be uninhabitable by the inability to breathe inthem as a result of pollution. Consequently, The United Nations proposes the creation of green spaces in urban areas to improve air quality and thus to help sustainable growth of cities. Green spaces arecritically important and bring greats benefits to our environment such as improved air quality, help to reduce pollution, furthermore, Green spaces play an important role in the cultural and socialwelfare in urban areas and also help significantly in aspects such as recreation, aesthetic factor, quality of life and general welfare of the people. To sum up, green spaces are very important in ourcities also, with planning, design and good management, green spaces provide a broad range of important benefits to urban residents.

2. Cities Overview
Our cities are facing a hugeenvironmental deterioration, as a result of the strong economic, social and political activities. Consequently it is urgent determinate strategies to avoid futures issues, in the interest of sustainability of...
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