The land of my childhood

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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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1. Can you summarize the book in two minutes?
The Night at Deoli
This story is about a young man who remembers a girl at a railway station. He when he stars to show some interest on her, he has toget on the train because it is leaving. They meet twice. After that, he wants to find her to take her with him. However, she is not at the railway station any more.
2. Is there a mystery sentence ora turning point in the story? 
He collected the spit in his mouth, and then walked slowly and deliberately to the corner of the kitchen where space for a washing vegetable an spat. Spitting was thebest way to drive away evil things.
3. When and where does the story take place? 
India, Pakistan, Srilanker, etc
4. Who are the main characters in the story? What’s their role? 
Devoted sonRakesh, he is the ideal son of any family. The parents work hard to give a good education for his son.
5. Choose one character (main or secondary) and describe him/her.
The woman has tochoose a husband. She knows Vijay that he is a poor cook at a beach Hut. Also there is Anura that he is a rich man from Australia. Her mother says that she should choose Anura to marry because he will giveher good life, but she loves Vijay. She is a person very romantic and she considerate very important the sentiments, but I think she follows her mother advice.
6. Can you identify with anycharacter? Why? 
The Kite-maker
Yes with Zahaeera becaue I am a peaceful person and I wish the pace for everybody world.
7. Choose your favourite moment in the story.
The inspector of schools
When theinspector wants to do his best making recommendations but they are refused by the Planning and Development which plan to develop less.

8. Which new key words have you learnt to understand the story? Curse: maleir, Kidney: roño, Kite: estel, Border: frontera.
9. Provide an alternative ending.
Raju explained his problem to a Red Cross and the Red Cross sends Raju to a hospital. In the...
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