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The last leaf
Two flat mates called Sue and Joanna, Johnsy, were artist and lived in an area of New York. Johnsy caught pneumonia and she was convinced that she wasn’t going to get well. She saw avine from the windows in her room and she had counted its leaves because she thought suicide when the last leaf of the vine fell. The two women had a neighbor called Behrman, Sue told him that Johnsywanted to do. Behrman always spoke about one masterpiece that he will do one day, and he had an idea. He painted on the wall the vine with the last leaf, so Johnsy thought that she must get well. Butthe night when Behrman painted his masterpiece, he caught pneumonia and died two days later.
*Sue: a young painter who lives in a studio in New York. She earns a living by drawing for magazines.*Johnsy (Joanna): another painter who lives in the studio with Sue
*Behrman: an old painter who lives on the ground below Sue and Johnsy.

-Mammon and the archer
Anthony was speaking in the librarywith his son Richard. Anthony told him that everything can be bought with Money, but Richard thinks that you can buy everything except love and social position. Richard was in love with a girl who goeson a trip and he only has few minutes to ask her marriage. Richard’s aunt gave him a ring that had been from his mother. He went to pick up the girl and they spent two hours in a jam. In this time, heasked her marriage and she accepted. Eventually, Richard’s father paid some people to cause the jam.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anthony was talking in the library with his son Richard. Antonio told Richard that everything can be bought with money, but Richard said he could not buy everything, because youcould not buy love. Richard was in love with a girl who goes on a trip to Europe for two years. Richard's aunt gave him a ring that had belonged to her mother, who used to ask her to marry the girl....