The lion and cat

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The lion and cat
Gerardo Israel García Becerra * *4°C* * * * * *Fable
A day a lion walking by the forest, was giant and his aspect was worthy of a king, but its attitude was worthy of a mouse.It walked step by step, ¿¿seeing towards all sides, didn’t feel security in itself, it low the head, it didn’t speak with other animals, and all they bothered.
The lion had a specially enemy, asmall enemy, a cat. When the lion arrived with the cat, the cat shout the lion to him: -Lion, I need to eat, you prepare a dish of fish for me, now, it’s a order-. And the lion answered: -As you say myowner-. All animals see the fear of the lion, they saw as the lion went to the river to obtain to go fish for the cat and were its slave.
A day the lion took decide from not being the slave ofanybody, and when arriving with the cat him roar. When the lion to roar, the cat laughed, and it say: -Lion, please, to case you dare to roar me?-, and the cat mew with all its force, what’s happen?, thelion scared.
When the lion went way to river for obtain fish for the cat, an elephant said to him with the lion: -Why you have fear of a small cat, if you don’t know, a lion shape, represent theforce, the justice, the fear, the pride for all animals on this planet, you is a born king of the forest, single that you don’t trust same you. -, the lion answered: But, but, who I can trust me?, ohwait a moment, you have fear to a food of the cat, the elephants have fear to a mouse. The elephant say: Lion, it’s a myth, the elephants didn’t have fear to a small mouse, we single dealed with notstepping on them. A lion say: -Ok, I will believe that, but as I will stop being a slave-. The elephant say:- Only you can take all force and converted on the king of the forest-. And the elephant oneleft.
The lion arrive for the cat, when seeing that the lion didn’t bring fish the cat said: Lion, where this my fish, I order to you…, and the lion interrupted: I’m no longer slaved of anybody, I...
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