The lost symbol

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  • Publicado : 15 de abril de 2010
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The lost Symbol
The Lost Symbol explores the way in which science and faith can come together to mean the same things, but go about it in two completely different ways. The Masonic order is thecentral plot point in this book, and Brown uses the order, its mysteries, and its rituals to great effect. One of the best points in the novel is when the author states that many rituals, when taken outof context, can seem scary, creepy, or downright weird. It is a gentle reminder to us that to the uninitiated, symbolism is lost and the deep meaning of symbols is there for a reason.
This is myfirst book of Dan Brown, and is one of the best thrillers I had ever red. The book has a great plot, and it is a book of which you can absorb much knowledge.
The most interesting subjects in the book arethe masonry and the noetic science. The masonry as already it is known is a sect that contains many secrets, but the majority of them is revealed whenever you rise of level in the masonry. To theequal, it has much symbolism, and you must have certain special maturity to be able to include several things of the masonry. To Dan Brown it cost to him to investigate 6 years to be able to create thisnovel perfectly, and to put events historical, that fit perfectly.
Noetic science is a new part of the science that studies the effect of the human mind in the physical matter. In the book aexperiment was developed by the following way: person of older age is heavy within a “type” incubator and we suppose that the weight is 87,6 and at the moment that passes away 87,0 weight that means that itsthought is weighing, that the mind is matter. Also another experiment that is realized is the one of which according to a snowflake or a congealed ice structure, with positive thoughts can be createdan image or a new structure, I do not know, is a rare, but brilliant thing.
I won’t tell you the general story, because if I do it know you won’t read the book and I want you to read it, so you...
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