The lost island

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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2011
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The Lost Island

Watson! , Watson! , wake up! …Shouted Holmes. As Watson was trying to stand up on his feet while the building was falling off into pieces and the only people who had met on that time were suffering in front of his eyes.

July the 30th, 1901, Wednesday morning, 3:00 AM, someone was knocking on Watson’s door. Watson tired got up and walk to the door. It was a police officer,who seems to look very concerned.

-Officer? ... What are you doing here? …Said Watson.

-I´m coming because I have some terrible bad news.

- What is it? What is going on here?

- I´m afraid we lost contact with Holmes some days ago.

- How so?

- Scotland Yard sent him a confidential case some days ago on an island that cannot befound on the maps, in order to found some information of Moriarty, one of the most wanted of England and Holmes best enemy. But on one of his recon island points he was captured and lost complete contact with him, we don´t want to know what are they doing to him.

- Why did anyone tell me?!

- Holmes said that that the situation was too risky… he don’t want to have more trouble with the onlyperson that considers his friend.

-Well now this is my problem too… so if you send him to this island, you must know where he is.

- We lost contact with him somewhere on the west zone of the island we can get you there by boat with some police men disguised as tourists but you are going to wait several days because there is a kind of police that check your personal invitation tothis island and obviously you don’t have it.

- Can you get one for me?

- Sure, we were about to get invitations for our officers so we have any problem on getting one for you.

Three days later, Watson was boarding the boat with the undercover cops ready to go. There was a woman on the cop´s group, her name was Nicole. She had a beautiful brown hair and gorgeous green eyes.And by the moment that Watson saw her, he was sure that she was going to be the woman who was going to spend the rest of his life. She was alone seeing the sea while they travelled, so he took advantage of the situation and went to talk with her.

-Are you in this case too? … He asked.

-Yes, that is right ... Who are you by the way?

-Call me Watson, I had come here because ofHolmes, he is in trouble, like always, and now I´m coming to get him back to England.

-You know Mr. Holmes?! …Asking amazed.

-Yes, that´s right

-That´s so exciting, I´ve known that he is a great detective, and solved cases anyone ever had. But I think he had not done that alone. Right?

-That´s why I´m here.

Finally after 10 hours at the boat they arrived to the island, it wasfull of trees and strange animals that probably they have never seen a human, there was a hot weather and at the top of a mountain there was a castle made of some kind of rock and metal, then Watson thought…

-It’s going to be easy to get in but difficult to get out.

-Ok said the Capitan we would be searching for information on the island, you have 5 hours to find Holmes if youdidn’t found him come faster as you can to the boat… we wouldn’t come back.

Watson and Nicole take a little jeep at the dock and go to the castle, the road was very difficult and it´s seem to be made by horses and other kinds of animals. When they arrived two guards came out from a checkpoint they give them the passport and the invitation Watson give them all then the two thing the guards laugh andlet them pass but when they were near the building a group of soldiers stop and arrested them.

-This can´t be happening! Said Nicole

-Calm down this is the only way to enter the castle and then find Holmes…

They were carried to an old and wet jail, in there was Holmes reading a small piece of newspaper.

-Holmes good to see you… said Watson… this is Mrs. Nicole another secret agent...
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