The main deficiencies in the articles of confederation in the constitution of the united states of america

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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The main deficiencies in the Articles of Confederation in the constitution of the United States of America

Well, to first know what was the purpose of the articles of confederation, we have to understand that back in those days, there was really a federal government to manage the destines of the nation. Instead there were 13 separated states that governed themselves and had more power than thefederal government, therefore did not give any participation to the federal government. Is in these circumstances that the articles of confederation were created. The main purpose of the articles of confederation was to serve as a tool or system or government, but because of all of its weakness it the federal government more that helped it. As mention before, most of the states governedthemselves and still had more power than the federal government, so it had no ability to decide for the states, as they would usually opposed to all the government decisions. For instance, after the American Revolution the American government had gotten into serious debt so in order to pay this debt they were supposed to get money from taxes. The problem was that the articles of confederation prohibitedthe government to tax the states, so in other words there was no way for the government to get the money to pay its debts. Eventually the government had to imprint more money, creating a large amount of inflation, inflation that eventually grew larger, due to the fact that each state had the ability to imprint its own money. Most of the economic power and source of revenue of the states wasdepending on the trades as in imports and exports with other nations. Now the problem was that the articles of confederations did not give the power to the government to control or intervene in any of the trades the states made. The difficulties that the states have at the moment of conduct its trades was not only the lack of control, it was also the fact that all the states carried its own currency,which gave little to no value to each other’s currencies the trades within the states and with other nations too. The articles of confederation did not allow the creation of a national army, leaving the states alone to defend themselves in any case, is in these circumstances that the Shay’s rebellion happened. What happened was that the economic situation of Massachusetts was terrible which force thebanks to foreclose in some of the properties owned by army veterans who were waiting on the government to pay the bonuses promised after the war. Since the government had no money to pay them, they have no money to pay their houses and the banks were just about to foreclosure them so the army veterans decided to march to Springfield court to stop the foreclosures. The state of Massachusetts askscongress to create a militia and send it to help the state, when congress set a budget for the militia none of the states, except for Virginia accept. Then again like the government was not able to tax, it had no money for the militia so two negative things about the articles of confederation came into place at the same time. The articles of confederation gave none of the states or the governmentenough power to govern over all of them, in other words it was not really a central government. During the war the states worked together under the central government, but after the war the states claimed again its sovereign status and were unwilling to give up their rights. Another weakness of the articles of confederations was that they did not provide an executive branch that will execute thelaws passed by the legislative. At the same time they did not think or provide a judicial system to take care of the growing problems happening in between states due to territorial differences in many cases. Due to all its deficiencies the states did not co-exist in peace with each other. Most of the people in each state did not feel identified with a unified conscience about one and only one big...
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