The name of the rose

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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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The name of the rose is an interesting film, because it tells the story of an abbey where there are many murders which are investigated by William of Baskerville.
William had a student monk, Adso.In the first murder, the monk had jumped off a cliff so it was suicide not a murder. The abbot summoned William to investigate the suicide. When he was investigating, “Moon face” gave him problems.The second murder was that of the Greek translator. Here the monk wanted to investigate the Greek desk and the library. Nonetheless, the “Moon face” didn’t allow him to. The third murder was the “Moonface” that was found died in a bath. At this moment, the Pope delegate’s arrived at monastery, it was then that the abbot decided to stop the investigation but William kept on investigating to find outwhat had killed the monks.
One day, the monk and his novice found out the door of the forbidden library where there were a lot of books so they could have a look at then.
Meanwhile The Inquisitionhad charged two monks; Salvatore and a Remigio, and girl, of being heretics. William knew that they were innocent. In spite of that, The Inquisition decided to burn them on the stake. While thishappened, Adso

and her master returned to the forbidden library where they found the Spanish monk. He was reading the book of Comedy by Aristotle. This book had arsenic ink the ink on its upper corner,so that when the monks were reading the book and they wanted to change the page, they touched arsenic with their wet finger. Then they put their finger back into their mouths and they died.
TheSpanish monk made this because he didn’t want the monks to read Aristotle’s book of Comedy.
After that, the Spanish monk burned the library and he wetted his own finger on the corner of the page coveredwith arsenic ink.
The Inquisition only burned Salvatore and Remigio, since the girl was helped by the people of her town.
It’s an exciting film which is worth seeing. I enjoyed this film because it...
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