The new frontier- kennedy

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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The New Frontier

Policies Achievements Limitations
Increased minimum wage from $1/hr to $2.25/hr Help poorest in society to earn/spend more Only helps those with jobs already andnot those without a wage already
Housing Act enables people in run-down areas get loans/improve housing + get money to clear slums Improve social environment/encourages regeneration.
AreaRedevelopment Act helped poor get grants/loans to start business. Helping poorest help themselves even those that banks would not help.
Social Security Act greater financial help toelderly/unemployed + child with unemployed fathers Most vulnerable get help. Medicare: thrown out by congress.
Manpower Development Training Help retrain unemployed. $900 million loan authorised toprovide work. Create/encourage more employable workers
Cut income tax to encourage public spending. Give people money to spend. Only those in work prosper.
Grants given tohigh-tech companies for training High morale, raise employment. Traditional industry can’t grow.
Increase spending on defence/space technology. Morale raised, encourage employment. Unemployment stillhigh.
Limited prices and wages to ensure inflation do NOT spiral. Inflation damages spending. Boom dependant on govt. spending.
Civil Rights
5 fed. Judges appointed includes civil rightsactivists to show commitments to issue. Shows Bas just as skilled. Justice for all. Doesn’t want to lose power and support from south.
Threatened legal action against Louisiana refused funds toun-segregated schools Forcing through desegregation using presidential authority. “
Oct. ’62 2300 govt troops to Mississippi Uni. For James Meredith “
Threatened to evict WashingtonRedskins football team unless agreement made to hire black players. “ Force change
Civil Rights Bill to Congress Feb. ’63 “ (Johnson finished off the work) Didn’t get passed during his lifetime
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