The new generation vs our childhood

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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The children of yesterday and today
It hasn’t been so long but the differences are huge. Whenever I feel that my childhood happened many years ago because the world has changed, the places havechanged, people have changed and of course children are no exception.
I remember all the time and wanted to play but never really got to remember that my mother would have scolded or even stuck for notdoing the job, I think there was the value of responsibility because otherwise know very well that you could not do you most like to "play".
What I can remember is that all members of the familywatched television and no one fought over the tv, since there was also that there was not much choice of television channels.
A box of 12 colors was a great birthday present and took care of as atreasure, having a box of 24 colors was a luxury.
We gave value to things, remember albums distributed outside school we managed to have the collection of pictures, there was negotiation and teamworkwith our friends in order to achieve faster and never saw him as a role, but as an achievement that I had hard time and effort to get it, therefore not as now were throwing kids do with their toys soexpensive.
Your mother warned you that you could not get out of your block by the fear that the kidnappers arrived, now mothers have the kidnappers and all maniac in your room, because that lets yousurf the Internet and have your face book where I'm sure have more than 100 friends and the sad reality that when you have a problem you can’t get any, because they are cyber friends.
Undoubtedly2000 children have not played solitaire with real cards and argue that they can’t get in touch with you because you probably will not E-mail also can read messages like this
"M Ntnds?"
They aredefinitely other times and that I have only 38 years of age, against 11 and 13 years of my children. They are 25 years apart and I feel that technological advancement and thought 100 years have elapsed.
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