The picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde book report

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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2011
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Dorian Gray, Lord Henry Wotton, Basil Hallward, Sybil Vane, James Vane

Basil Hallward all started when I was doing a portrait of a man who was very handsome named Dorian Gray, the portrait of the man caught the attention of Lord Henry Wotton, a friend ofBasil, Henry became interested in knowing Dorian Gray, but Basil did not like the idea.

When Henry met Dorian Gray became friends and were often the first time Henry spoke with Dorian Gray, Henry madehim see the importance of youth and how handsome he was Dorian Gray, Dorian change the smile on his face.
Dorian Gray met a actrees who played Romeo and Juliet, the actrees named SybilVane, Dorian Gray falls in love with Sybil and every day he would visit her to play the Romeo and Juliet, Dorian was determinate to marry Sybil Vane, Sybil was very excited and spoke with his motherand his brother, James Vane, but they did not put much attention saying that was too young to think about love, but everything changes one night when Dorian Gray Sybil was disappointed and decided toleave, Sybil could not live with it and committed suicide.
Suddenly one day Dorian Gray realized that his portrait was changing, but Dorian Gray did not suffer any change, so put in a safe place theportrait, so the years passed and many stories are told of Dorian Gray. Basil one day he realized the secret of Dorian Gray, Dorian could not resist and kill him
Thus passed the time, Dorianmet up with James the brother of Sybil, Dorian James wanted to kill but let him go, after an accident James was killed, Dorian was already very tired of his life and he wanted to change so decided todestroy the portrait, so Dorian took the knife that killed Basil and went against the portrait, in the end the portrait back to its original form but Dorian Gray was dead.
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