The playful as pedagogycal strategy through an experience of language in the english language

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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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The Maria Letelier de Prieto School is located in Llay-Llay it has been found a lack of motivation, specifically in the 4th grade B, and therefore a poor academic performance.

Through this work is intended to apply pedagogical strategy such as the playful, that emphatisezes the teaching process in English language learning.

On the other hand, thisproposal is framed within the constructivist teaching approach, where students construct their own knowledge through their experiences.

It is also the language experience approach an excellent methodology to teach a foreign language.

Appropriate to start with the following questions: What is the best methodology to teach an unmotivated group?


In the college located 86 km north of Santiago, specifically in the center of the city of Llay-Llay, we did not find a motivation in the English Department and therefore poor academic performance in the 4th grade.

On the other hand the strategies implemented, had not had good results in the students. For this reason we intend to apply this new pedagogical strategy suchas the Playful reflection, imagination and feelings.


Improve the motivational level in the interaction of students 4th Grade B Educational institution Maria Letelier de Prieto using Playful as a pedagogical strategy to optimize then the teaching process in English language learning.


Describe the characteristics and scope playful learning pedagogical strategies implemented by teachers during the learning process.

Analyze the educational effect that generates playful strategies employed by teachers in the learning process of students of 4th grade B in the Maria Letelier de Prieto School.

Build and implement a strategy pedagogical framedin the fun that will increase the level of motivation in students at 4th grade B creating a meaningful learning.


This proposal is framed within the constructivist teaching approach, where students construct their own knowledge through reflection, imagination and feelings. From the experiences shared meanings are constructed. At this age,especially children have special features to facilitate the educational work allowing students to take ownership of knowledge by actively planning work through dynamics, games, team work, individual participation, facilitate joint participation in the task of the teacher and allow the completion of the activities of its students who are enthusiastic in doing the activities that they truly want toachieve.

This is a collective methodology which aims are referred in involving students in a process of learning to be aware of the actions to be acquired in their lives, by considering the school as the best place to group and care about children according to their process and English language.


"The playful one is a dimension ofthe human development as important as the cognitive one, the social one and the communicative one, between others. In addition, it adds that the playful one says to the need that every person has the feeling of pleasant emotions associated with the dizziness, the uncertainty, the distraction, the surprise or the joyful contemplation ".[1]

From the point of view the playful one aspedagogic tool generates expectations, motivations, interest for the learning and believe in the student desires and passions for learning but for enjoying the learned. The one who takes expectations as something is interested, is motivated, focuses the attention and prepares to learn.

5.1 The Playful one in the social transformation

It is necessary not to confuse playful with...
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