The poverty in bolivia

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In this essay I will talk about poverty in Bolivia, because to my mind it is necessary to know how poor people do to supervise, that too many people do to realizethe magnitude of problem. To be poor not only signifies an inability to cover basic necessities, but also an exclusion from the opportunities of developing one’s capacities to fulfill a productive andcreative role in society.
To carry out this goal, I will focus on the level of poverty in the urban and rural areas. At the same time I am going to refer to the causes and consequences that povertyis causing in Bolivia. Finally I will talk about our president’s struggle against poverty.
Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America Poverty, which restricts the exerciseof human rights, affects populations groups in different ways, according to gender and ethnic origin and the most affected are women and children. Poverty and inequity also give citizenship a limitedand precarious status.
The principal social cause to poverty in the country is inequality in the distribution of income and of benefits, also the lack of employment for people, lack ofinvestment in the country, and the geography situation for example for subsistence formers in Potosi, severe environmental degradation and extreme poverty have become an integral part of everydaylife.
. Many of these left their homes to try a new life in the city, but poverty is also a ghost who remains there.
The consequences of poverty are harder in especial to childrenand women that they are the most affected.
According to the Health Ministry, the causes of mortally in children are directly associated with poverty. And the 36 % of these deaths are due todiarrhea diseases, the 20% due to acute respiratory infection and an estimated 28% due to malnutrition.
The economic crises, lack of employment oblige many children and adolescent to work. These...
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