The relation between sexes in the world state.

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Brave New World & Farenheit 451

At the beginning of the novel, Brave New World, the Director is giving a tour to the new students of the Hatchery. It is very clear that all the students are boys.How do we know this? When Huxley writes something about them he says “the boys”
e.g. Chapter 1 page 2: “The boys scribbled like mad”
In order to retain the World State’s control over reproduction,many of the female fetuses are sterilized, but none of the male fetuses are.
e.g. Chapter page:
How do men and women interact?
The only thing in which women and men are equal is in sexualrelations, both are equally promiscuous and equally free to initiate contact with one another.
e.g. When Fanny and Lenina are discussing, Fanny outlines Lenina hasn’t been with many men.
This shows women areas free as men to decide how many men they want to be with.
Chapter 3 page 37: Fanny says “After all everyone, belongs to everyone else”

The only women we read about are Lenina, Fanny andLinda, they’re all Beta females. We only hear of one Alpha women in some point of the novel, her role is very insignificant.

e.g. Lenina is an important character of the novel but she doesn’t have anypower in the Brave New World.

Linda is a social outcast because she was conditioned to be promiscuous, so she’s a shame for society.
Here we see again sexism, Linda is the “bad one”, the “shame”and she’s a women.

When it comes to work situations and in government positions it’s very notorious that men are the ones in charge.
We only hear about female nurses and alpha males.
The peoplein positions of power—in propaganda Bernard and Helmholtz, in the Hatchery the Director and Henry, in the government Mustapha Mond, the so called God, Ford—are all male.
Who holds the power in theworkplace and in government?
Socially the relations between the sexes are liberalized, but in work and politics the power remains undisputedly in the hands of men.
How do we see this, Mustapha Mond,...
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