The role of advertising in the mass capitalism

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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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Valeria D’Amato

As unique as everyone

Capitalism is the economic system that is based on the law of markets; the aim of the scheme is to sell goods and services in order to accumulate capitalthrough advertising, which is the strategy of capitalism to attract people to buy. As the only goal of companies is to sell, advertising creates a strategy to make customers believe they are unique, sothat people buy for that purpose, look for their uniqueness, but in fact they buy the same things as everyone else. The capitalist system creates the feeling of individuality without it being realand makes companies look for consumers, system creates the illusion of uniqueness by making their consumers feel special.

Consumption is the foundation of capitalist system, therefore companies arewilling to do anything to make people buy their products, in some cases, companies seek to reduce costs and, instead of lowering expenditure in other areas, prefer to give priority to those that canproduce more capital, so they sack many employees. Besides the companies hire employees with minimum wages but sell to the same high prices, which means they save on production but not in the sale andthus, companies accumulate more capital while their employees have a lower quality of life.

Advertisement is used by enterprises to incentivize consume trough the illusion of uniqueness. All we knowabout commercials which say that if you use this or that brand you will be unique and different from everyone else. This is the case of Sony, which to sell its products uses the logo "like no other"and is also the case of Converse which in some commercials shows people wearing different clothes but the same shoes, all of them uniformed by the Converse brand. But brands of clothes or shoes arenot the only ones who benefit from advertising, TV commercials, through sight, shows every time the perfect blender that is bought by the lady who has a perfect family and a perfect life. This type of...