The way up to heaven

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Plot Summary
The story is about Mrs. Foster, a woman who has an "almost pathological fear of missing a train, a plane, a boat, or even a theatre curtain". She is planning to fly to Paris to visither daughter. Mr. Foster, her husband, seems to revel to her wife obsession of being late. So, he takes his time at the moment of preparing for this event, much to the distress of Mrs. Foster. Herhusband wants to stay at a club in the time she is in Paris, and gives the servants six weeks off.

The next day she is terrified again she of being late, and expresses her worries to the butler, Walker.In spite of her worrying of being late for her flight, she arrives at the airport on time and finds that flights have been delayed because of bad weather. The car she arrived in has already left,so she decides to wait in the airport for further news concerning her trip. Finally, it is announced that her flight has been delayed until 11 am the following day. She returns home and spends thenight there.

The following morning as Mrs. Foster prepares to take her car to the airport, her husband asked her to drive him at the club on the way, this terrifies her, because it may imply a delayedin her arrival at the airport. Before they leave, he says that he has forgotten a present for their daughter Ellen at home, so Mr. Foster decides to get into the house in search of it. Mrs. Fosterstarts getting increasingly impatient while waiting in the car, she notices that the present is hiding in the crack of the seat where her husband had been sitting and tells the chauffeur to call himdown. He tries to enter and notices the door is locked. She decides to go herself, but then, with the key in the door she suddenly freezes, as if listening intently. After a few seconds, she returns tothe car, says there is no time, and is driven off to the airport. She makes her flight with a few minutes to spare. Once in Paris, and she writes her husband each Tuesday. When she returns to Idlewild...
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