The wind blows

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The Wind Blows


The number of characters is 6 but I think we can include the wind itself as another one. They’re names are “Mother”, Marie Swainson, Mr Bullen ,the-girl-before-her on her piano lessons Matilde, Bogey and as I said the wind, being this three the most important.

We can see there’s a conflict between Matilde and her mother.

The story is settledin a windy autumn day and in the house first, on her piano lesson later and last on the esplanade.

Narration and point of view

The narrator is intrusive, as a subject and object of thenarration; we guess the discourse of the narrator in the process of writing.
It is also internal due to he acts as a character; it means is a first person narrator and a subjective point of view.It’s a non-omniscient because only has access to his own emotions, it is not reliable.

The point of view is the Matilda’s one, at the end of the story she imagines they’re going on the boatbut it is not true because she says “but it is gone now” what means they still in the same place.


The order of presentation of events is done on fictional time which means it maybe or may not be chronological

*The relation between sequences is not parallel because we've got flash back when she’s remembering her piano lesson.

*The time duration is an alternation betweenscene and some pauses used to describe someone.

*Related to time distances it is all in present except for the end when she uses “where we walked that windy day” where she uses past.


I think it is not an Aristotelian plot due to we may have
-an exposition on the first paragraph
-a rising action from “a perfect idiot” to “but mother has seen”,
-a climax from“Matilda!” to “running down the road”
-a falling action from “in waves in clouds” to “and opens Beethoven “
But then there's another kind of climax or turning point from “lets have a little of” to...
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