The world is laying to you

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  • Publicado : 7 de abril de 2010
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Everything that I was told was a lie,
I don’t want to live or die,
I just don’t want to survive,Don’t you ever wonder what’s on the other side?
I keep falling its like someone from above is calling,

Tonight I can’t sleep,
I’mseeing the dead digging our graves,
The governments been hiding the truth with there dirty news,
I’m playing my position,
Like I wastold,
The system is lying,
How many times do we have to die?
To see paradise,
If this aint war,
Why are we paying the price?
Oil isstill on the rise,
Farmer’s aint getting the right money for BLACK GOLD,
Starbucks is selling it for three pound fifty,
Some onesgetting rich and its not you and me,

If I’m not dead,
Why do I feel out of breath?
I feel the demons getting closer to my bed,The world is lying to you,
So live for to day,
Forget about tomorrow,
We all gonna get buried in a empty grave,
Sometimes I wish Iwas blind,
The things I see is making me lose my mind,
God gives us everything but then he takes them back,
Like losing your loveone,
Where’s the justice in that.

Everyday I read an empty book,
With empty pages,
I believe what I wanna believe,
I won’t letthe T.V and the radio control me,
I’ve got my ears to the streets,
I get my news from the wind and the trees,
That brings me peace.
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