Thomas hobbes

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Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5, 1588 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England. Raised by his uncle, in 1603, he entered Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and in 1608 he graduated, became tutor ofWilliam Cavendish, went with Cavendish on an European trip and met Galileo and discussed about philosophical discussions; then he turned to political theory and when the civil war began in 1640 he flewto Paris, and became tutor of the future king Charles II; at Paris he wrote his best known work “Leviathan”. In 1666 the Parliament investigated him as an atheist; He was 91 years when he died the 4Dec 1679 in Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, England and spent his final years with the Cavendish family.

Human nature
For Hobbes, human nature is that all man’s voluntary acts are aimed to pleasure &self-preservation To whom it is called psychological hedonism which states that the principal motivation of all human action is pleasure) and if reached it’s the highest good and aim of human life.Purpose in life
Hobbes thought of purpose in life constitutes in complete human fulfillment, and you can only achieve it by virtue. But he didn’t think that there was an ultimate purposeand there is a constant struggle in life. He didn’t believe in a higher natural law that dictated things.
One of the most important things for Hobbes was to be able to live in asociety that would work and would be able to coexist and that law would be respected.
Hobbes was an absolute materialist, and he thought that God (if there was a God at all) was material,regardless from the idea of God as an “incorporeal substance”.
For Hobbes, to believe in God was not mandatory, Gob was susceptible of being waived in special cases, even able to be replaced.Ethics

According to Hobbes a thing is good if it is the object of a man’s appetite or desire; he insisted that nothing was merely good by itself, independently of who may desire it. Yet everyone...
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