Tim hortons

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Tim Horton was born in Cochrane, Ontario on January 12, 1930. He was signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1949 and performed as one of the steadiest defencemen on the bluelinethroughout his 22 years in the National Hockey League.
Aftter from a succesfull career in hockey he released that
Outside the rink, Tim was just as sharp. He realized that his hockey career wouldnot last forever and sought to find a clever way to add to his hockey salary. After many summers of hustling to make an off-season living, Tim decided to try his luck in the coffee and donut business.The first Tim Hortons franchise opened in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In 1967, with three restaurants in operation, Tim became full partners with former police officer and franchisee of TimHortons Restaurant #1, Ron Joyce. Since then, Tim's signature has become a prominent fixture in the Canadian landscape with growing visibility in the United States.
Sadly, Tim did not live to witnessthe chain's great success. He was traveling back to Buffalo from a game at Maple Leaf Gardens when he was killed in an automobile accident on February 21, 1974. The Buffalo Sabres retired his Number 2and the Toronto Maple Leafs, his Number 7 sweaters as a tribute to his memory. At the time of Tim's death, there were 40 Tim Hortons restaurants.
Tim Horton always considered his good fortune in theproper perspective. He was modestly confident about his abilities, was approachable, generous and considerate. His memory will always be held dear by family, friends, players and business associatesalike.
Ron Joyce was born in 1930 in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. In 1951, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy where he specialized in the Communications field
In 1965, his entrepreneurial spirithad come to the fore and he took over the fledgling Tim Horton Donut Shop on Ottawa Street in Hamilton. By 1967, after he had opened up two more restaurants, he and Tim Horton became full partners in...
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