Tipes of restaurants

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Types of Restaurants

Definitions and Examples of Restaurant Concepts

Today there are many different types of restaurants, from fast food to family casual. Here is a brief overview of some ofthe more popular restaurant concepts.

Fast Food Restaurant
Fast food is the most familiar restaurant to most people. Chains like McDonalds and Burger King became popular in the 1950s, and helpedspawn countless other concepts like Taco Bell, KFC and In&Out Burger. Fast food service attracted customers for its speed and convenience. Fast food restaurants are typically chains. If you are thinkingof opening a fast food franchise, keep in mind that the initial costs of franchising are more expensive than opening an independent restaurant.

Fast Casual Dining
This is one of the biggest trendsright now. Fast casual is slightly more upscale than fast food. Fast casual restaurants offer disposable dishes and flatware, but their food tends to be presented as more upscale, such as gourmetbreads and organic ingredients. Open kitchens are popular with fast casual chains, where customers can see their food being prepared. Boston Market is classified as fast casual.

A café is arestaurant that does not offer table service. Customers order their food from a counter and serve themselves. A café menu traditionally offers things such as coffee, espresso, pastries and sandwiches.Cafes originated in Europe and are strongly associated with France. They are known for their casual, unhurried atmosphere. Outdoor seating is another trademark of a café. Panera Bread is an example of apopular bakery-café chain. The term bistro is sometimes interchanged with café. A bistro is actually a café that offers full meals (albeit, cheaper than a full fledged sit down restaurant).

PubShort for Public House, pubs date back hundred of years to Europe, especially Great Britain. Pubs have a timeless appeal, for their laid back atmosphere. Brewpubs offer beer made in house, as well as...