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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Robert:Hi boys
Max:What is your name
Maxi:My name is Maxi,and you?
Robert:My name is Robert,and you?
Max:And my name is Max,what is your favoriteanimal?
Maxi:My favorite animal is a dolphin
Robert:And my favorite animal is a jaguar
Max:Do you go to the zoo?
Maxi:Yes,I do
Robert:Yes,I do
Max:Do you see theanimals?
Maxi:Yes,I see the penguin
Robert:Yes,I see the monkey
Max:Where is do the penguin live
Maxi:The penguin lives in the Antartaic
Max:Where does the monkey liveRobert:The monkey lives in the jungle
Max:What does it the penguin eat?
Maxi:The penguin eats a fish
Max:What does the lion eat?
Robert:The monkey eats a bananas
Max:Doyou have animals in your house?
Maxi:Yes, I have 3 animals in the house
Max:Wich are the pets?
Maxi:Ihave a 2 dogs and 1 cat
Max:And you Robert do you have animals athome
Robert:Yes ihave a 4 pets,2dogs and 2 cats
Max:Wich animals?
Robert:Is this a dog?
Max:No,there isn’t
Maxi:Is there a fish
Max:Yes,there is
Max:Does a lion havelegs?
Maxi:Yes,it does 4
Max:How many arms does a cheetah have?
Robert:It has 2 arms
Max:Can you describe a dog Maxi?
Maxi:Yes,the dog has 2 ears,4legs,etc
Max:Can you describe a lion Robert
Robert:Yes,the lion has 1 tail, 2 eyes,etc
Max:What do you like of the zebra Robert?
Robert:It has white and black line run50km for hours
Max:What do you like of the monkey Maxi?
Maxi:It climbins and it has a small tail
Max:Wich is the fastest at lion or a cheetah?
Robert:A cheetah is thefastest
Max:Uh, yes
Maxi:Is the cheetah?
Max:Yes, it is
Max:What about the penguin?
Maxi:Yes, it is fun black and white
Maxi:good bye
Robert:bye boys and girls
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